Logikworx Solutions

Systems & Network Solutions

Logikworx will analyze, design, and implement custom systems and network solutions.

Systems Analysis, Design, and Installation.

Logikworx analyzes, designs, and installs a computer system according to the customer's needs. Should it be required, we will endeavor to procure the necessary hardware and software for the client. For our preferred vendors, we are able to pass on discounts to the clients, if available.

Migration Services.

Logikworx is able to, as an adjunct to our systems and network solutions, provide migration services from obsolete products/services to the newly deployed solution. However, this service is available only for a solution we have implemented or will be deploying.

Network Solutions.

According to a client's requirement, Logikworx will analyze, architect, and implement a network solution.

Security Solutions

*          Logikworx Security solutions are fully customized solutions